Saturday, April 23, 2011

Katie's First Piano Recital!

Katie started taking piano lessons from me after she turned 3, so it has been just barely over a month. Ever since she was born she has seen my piano students come every week and has wanted to have lessons like them! We started off really slow, not even getting to play songs for a little while. Then she learned the first two songs in her book and my students' piano recital was going to be in a couple weeks so we worked really hard on those two songs and practiced what to say for the recital and how to bow and everything. She was so excited to do it!

The week of the recital she saw all my students practicing saying the names of their songs and bowing at the end and she thought it was so cool that she was doing that too and that they were all going to play at the recital together. I was going to have her go first at the recital thinking she'd practiced over and over exactly what she was going to do at the recital and she knew that all my students and their families were going to be there and I knew she would do great.

When we started and it was her turn to go up she didn't want to. She asked me to help her so I stood up by her and started prompting her on what to say, but she got really shy. I helped her again on what to say but she didn't want to play right then. Maybe having her be first wasn't the best idea since she didn't see other people do it first. So I said maybe she would try again at the end.

The next two students went and I asked Katie if she would want to go next and she said she wanted to go after a certain two girls, which happened to be second and third from the end. So we went through everyone else and when the second of the two girls was playing I asked Katie if she wanted to go next and she said yes. So in between this girl's songs I snuck back and asked the girl who was supposed to be next if Katie could go before her and she said "Of course!" knowing that if this was the time that Katie was willing to do it, then we better have her do it!

So after the girl was done I got up and went to find my mom who was holding Lindsay but had taken her out into the hallway a little earlier because she was fussing. Lindsay was now asleep so I motioned to my mom that Katie was going to be playing next. So then Katie went up and again asked me to help so I whispered "My name is...." and then she took it from there! The names of her songs are "Right and Left" and "Left and Right." About half the time when she was practicing what to say she would say "Left and Right" and "Left and Right." So we worked on getting those correct and then I thought we'd just have to see what she said at the recital. She still said "Left and Right" and "Left and Right." Oh well, it was cute.

So here she is! It is hard to hear her talking so you might have to turn the volume up, but then probably turn it back down when she is playing. (I would suggest having the volume on your computer up high and then using the volume button that is next to the play button to turn it up while she talks and back down while she's playing.)

Everyone was really sweet and clapped very loud for her, knowing that she hadn't been able to do it the first time going up but that she did on her second try.

There was only one girl after her and after the girl's first of two songs Katie said somewhat loudly, "Now is it time for cookies!!?" Everyone laughed, it was pretty cute. So then the girl played her last song and Katie was excited to have a cookie at the end.

It went well and I am glad Katie ended up going! I had thought if she wouldn't go back up again that after everyone had left we could just record her doing her songs with no one there, since she had done it a ton of times at home and had no problems. But we didn't have to resort to that. Great job Katie!! We are so proud of you!


Bryan, Stacie, Claire, Mia and Buddy said...

I love it!! She did a wonderful job. SO cute!!!

Brady + Marsha said...

That is so cute! What a sweetheart! I love her little hands when she says "right and left..."

Chris and Heather said...

PRECIOUS! You amaze me with starting her at the age of 3! But then again, you have always been amazing on the piano, I'm sure Katie will follow suit.

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